Trilogy Film is a full service production company based in Bucharest, Romania. Since 2004 we have been producing TV commercials for the Romanian market and for other countries in our region.



Who we are

Trilogy Film is a full service video and audio production house based in Bucharest, Romania. Our skills and capabilities enable us to offer the full range of production services, from accurate and transparent budgeting to on-camera special effects, from shooting to post Production, 3D animation sound design and composed music.

what we do

We are specialized in producing advertising commercials but we are also experienced in music video production, TV station ID`s and promos, documentary and fiction film and still photo shoots. Our productions are fast and cost effective and our goal is to visualize any story precisely in the way its author has imagined it in the first place. You have a story in mind, and we will help you visualize it and transfer it to the screen.

why trilogy film

Trilogy Film can facilitate your access into the source of high quality and cost efficient audio-video services. Visualize your story!